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Advantages to ATI Technology

  • On-line, Real Time Measurements

Allows for Immediate Process Adjustments - Less Product Waste

  • Little or No Maintenance Required

Time and Cost Savings - More Time on Product Runs

  • Less Calibrations Required

Time Savings - More Time on Product Runs

  • No Conversions from Analog to Digital

More Accurate Results, Less Drift

AT100 Beta Gauging Systems and RTG Software provide an unbeatable combination in improving ROI and providing solutions to many manufacturing problems, such as reducing scrap and variations. The system can suit almost any thickness measurement application, , such as plastic sheet or film, coating, nonwovens and more! Some examples are listed in our Applications Listings The AT100 Beta Gauge System can be added to as needs and budgets allow. You can start small and start saving fast! Adding gauges with your savings is easy!

AT100 Beta Gauge Features:

  • Small and Compact
  • High Performance
  • Solid State Digital Sensor Technology
  • Lowest Radiation Source on the Market
  • Virtually No Maintenance Required
  • No Service Contracts
  • No Moving Parts

AT100 Beta Gauge Capabilities:

  • Operates in 0° to 50° centigrade ambient temperature
  • Takes 200 mA @ 5V DC
  • Typical Ranges:
    • Pm-147: up to 14 mils.
    • Kr-85: up to 70 mils
    • Sr-90: up to 350 mils.
  • Typical Measurement Precision: (2-4 sec. measurement integration, 2 standard deviation level of confidence)
    • Pm-147: 0.0048 mil (0.12 GSM)
    • Kr-85: 0.043 mil
    • Sr-90: 0.15 mil

A larger sensor option is available which typically improves precision by a third. It is also ideal for larger air gaps or measuring non-uniform materials.

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