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  • Our high performance transmission mode beta gauge.
  • Very precise measurement where 1 second or faster integration times are required.
  • Larger sensor size ideal for non-uniform products and larger air-gaps.
  • Excellent price/performance for demanding online measurement applications.
  • PC compatible through multiple digital counter inputs.
  • Easy to implement multi-point measurement strategies.
  • Compact size - can be installed with minimum impact on existing equipment.
  • Intrinsically stable - digital counting mode eliminates sensor drifts due to changes in temperature, high voltage, or analog components. Calibration can often stay good for months.
  • Solid State digital construction provides reliable operation and minimizes maintenance.

AT1000 Systems and RTG Software provide an unbeatable combination in improving ROI and providing solutions to many manufacturing problems, such as reducing scrap and variations.

Gauge Features:

  • Small and Compact (about 3.25 by 3.25 by 10 inches)
  • High Performance
  • Solid State Digital
  • Lowest Radiation Source on the Market
  • Virtually No Maintenance Required
  • No Service Contracts
  • No Moving Parts

Gauge Capabilities:

  • Operates in 0° to 50° centigrade ambient temperature
  • Typical Measurement Ranges:
    • Pm-147: up to 300 gsm (12 mils).
    • Kr-85: up to 1800 gsm (70 mils).
    • Sr-90: up to 9000 gsm (350 mils).


  • Typical Measurement Precision: (2-4 second measurement period, 2 standard deviations)




·  Pm-147:

0.125 gsm (0.005 mils)

0.076 gsm (0.003 mils)

·  Kr-85:

0.51 gsm (0.02 mils)

0.38 gsm (0.015 mils)

·  Sr-90:

1.9 gsm (0.075 mils)

1.3 gsm (0.05 mils)

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