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Adaptive Technologies EZGage


No gauging on your line?

The EzGage system offers quality and process control at an affordable price. The system is based upon ATI's patented solid state technology, ensuring optimum performance. Fast and accurate basis weight measurements have never been easier.

EzGage Capabilities:

  • Saves Material
  • Reduces Scrap
  • Eliminates Off Line Sampling
  • Small... Designed for Fast & Easy Mounting

EzGage Specs:

  • Measures plastic or other sheet products from 1 - 30 mils thick (30 - 1,000 gsm)
  • Accuracy to +/-.5% of target with a single, fixed-point gauge
  • Display provides the last reading and a 60 point trend
  • Operates in ambient temperatures from 0 - 50 degrees C on 115 VAC

Only a zero/span is needed to standardize for your product - and then you're ready to start saving! Its' Ez!

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