Beta and Gamma Gauges for Measurement Solutions

     ATI offers a different technology allowing customers to achieve more value from a beta gauge system. This technology is based on our solid state digital beta gauge. ATI’s solid state beta gauge is more efficient than ion chamber detectors, thereby allowing the use of low level radioactive activity to achieve a precise measurement. Radioactivity for krypton-85 isotope is 250 to 1000 times less than competitive ion chamber gauges. In the United States and Canada shutters are not required.

     By using a solid state detector, the detector can produce discrete real time measurements with 100% step response without the need for filters. In contrast ion chamber gauges provide dampened measurements with about a 63% step response and other filters to smooth out their measurements. This means that each measurement has a carryover of at least 37% from the previous measurement causing the present measurement to be a blend of 37% and 63%. This carryover effect dampens the measurements and distorts the actual weight of the measurement. In scanning systems the carryover effect and other filters become more pronounced as previous readings from different positions of the web are blended into the present measurement.

     Discrete real time measurements allow ATI to provide measurements that require separating uncoated area from the coated area. In lithium ion electrode coating applications, ATI is able to provide real time measurements for patch or stripe coating without being effected by the uncoated areas. Another benefit is ATI’s ability to turn the detector on and off in response to an uncoated area. With ion chamber gauges the measurements are continuously on and are constantly being blended with the previous measurements.

     ATI’s small form factor allows mounting the gauges where limited space is available. This is allows ATI’s scanning system to scan the detector in an arc thereby reducing the amount of space needed in the cross direction. This scan technique is especially useful when a coater has doors limiting the available space for scanning in the transverse direction.

     ATI offers competitive priced fixed-point gauges and scanning systems. ATI is able to demonstrate their gauge performance on your line prior to purchase. ATI guarantees their gauge precision. Please call us to discuss your gauging needs.

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