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ATI announces the portable thickness gauge based on the proven AT-100 detector

Using a compact interface, the AT100 connects to any IBM compatable PC, desktop or laptop, using a standard RS-232 serial port. No special interface cards are required. The result is a highly portable thickness gauging solution.

Set-up is easy: The AT100 (or AT1000) detector plus into an interface, which plugs into a standard serial port on the computer. The gauge has a small transformer for power, which plugs into a standard 115 VAC outlet. The AT100 and source mount on a small c-frame, which is then placed on your process line, so the web passes between the detector and source. That's it! You can be up and measuring in just minutes!

ATI's RTG software quickly installs on your desktop or laptop PC. RTG converts the detector readings into thickness or basis weight measurements in units of your choice - gsm, oz/ft, mils, etc. It also provides statistical and SQC information, and allows for datalogging and recording of measurements. Multiple recipies may be entered, allowing a single gauge to meausure a wide range of products.

The AT100 uses a reliable solid state PIN diode detector, no fragile PMTs or ion chambers, with their associated high voltage power supplies. The AT100 also uses much smaller activity sources than conventional gauges, resulting in safer operation.

If you need to be able to quickly set up a thickness gauge, please consider the AT100 portable thickness gauge.

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·         Saves Material

·         Reduces Scrap

·         Eliminates Off Line Sampling

·         Small... Designed for Fast & Easy Mounting


·         Measures paper, plastic or other sheet products from 1 - 200 mils thick (30 - 6,000 gsm)

·         Accuracy to +/-.5% of target with a single, fixed-point gauge

·         Operates in ambient temperatures from 0 - 50 degrees C on 115 VAC

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