AT-100 Beta Gauge

On-line, Real Time Measurements allows for instantaneous response to changes in the process. By having the ability to react quickly the user can save on scrap. In contrast, ion chamber beta gauges with their slower response time provide measurements averaged over many feet of web that can be in and out of spec without the gauge detecting the changes.

By operating at a low DC voltage the gauge can be turned on and off in response to a signal. This feature is especially useful for measuring lithium ion patches and stripes.


AT100 Beta Gauge Features:
Small and Compact
High Performance
Solid State Digital Sensor Technology
Lowest Radiation Source on the Market
    -No Shutters Required
Virtually No Maintenance Required
No Service Contracts
No Moving Parts (For fixed point)

Inexpensive leak tests if any

AT100 Beta Gauge Capabilities:
Operates in 0° to 50° centigrade ambient temperature
Takes 200 mA @ 5V DC
Typical Ranges:
    -Pm-147: up to 14 mils.
    -Kr-85: up to 70 mils.
    -Sr-90: up to 350 mils.
Typical Measurement Precision: (2 sec. measurement integration, 2 standard deviation level of confidence with a 100% step response)
    -Pm-147: 0.0048 mils. (0.12 GSM)
    -Kr-85: 0.043 mils.
    -Sr-90: 0.15 mils.