100% Web Measurement... 100% of the Time!

The TruProfile™ Gauging System

Fast ROI!
Quality Improvements!
Full Web Profiling... Online, Real-Time Results!

2,160,000 Measurements in 15 minutes!
(vs. 18,000 Measurements in 15 minutes for scanning gauges!)

The future of web measurement is here today. 100% web measurement is a concept so unique it can only come from ATI. Why settle for only 1% measurement with traditional gauges? Interested? Read on!

If your product is of high value, or you are looking for a higher return on your investment by improving your process - look no further. ATI has total web measurement that is proven to get results. A technology developed with the growing needs of industry, the TruProfile is the only gauge to offer this high quality measurement. Utilizing patented array technology, the ATI sensors cover the entire web.

Gauge Features:

Simultaneous Machine and Cross Direction
   the only gauge to offer a full profile or bird's eye view of your web
Solid State
   current technology
   reduces errors due to movement of sensors
   no delay in your quality control or process control, no stopping of your line
   no interference with your product to effect your quality
Onboard Microprocessors
   faster communications between your measurement and the computer process analysis     tools
Unmatched Process Analysis Tools
   Simultaneous Cross & Machine Direction, FFT, Avg./Current/Zoomed/Composite Cross      & Machine Direction, Alarms, XBar Charts, SPC, Parameters, and more!
PC-Based System
   Open Architecture to Simplify Plantwide Data Exchange

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