ATI Scanning System

The ATI scanning system has all the real time advantages of the AT100 with the ability to add additional gauges to the scanning frame to provide better resolution or faster scans. By adding more gages the system starts approaching a total profile of the web.

The ATI detectors are not affected by the carry over effects inherent in ion chamber beta gauges. Therefore there is no need to wait for the required 3 scans needed by an ion chamber gauge before the profile is usable. The first scan is usable. Also the ATI detector has the fastest response time in the industry.

ATI provides linear scanners and arc scanners. Arc scanners move along an arc across the web, thereby eliminating the need for space on the sides of a web required by a linear scanner.

The video shows that ATI systems produce cross direction profiles that are dynamically stable without a filter and with a 100% step response. A sheet of paper was placed near one end of the web.

The cross direction profiles produced were almost identical real time measurements regardless of the direction of the scan. In contrast, ion chamber gauges with their carryover effect and filters would produce different cross direction profiles with non-real time measurements.