ATI Gamma One Backscatter Gauge</span

   The Gamma One is a break from the conventional in gamma backscatter gauges. Utilizing solid state technology and an onboard microprocessor makes the time between purchase and ROI unbelievable!
   The Gamma One works with ATI's RTG Software. You can even mix Gamma and Beta gauges on the same line, using the same computer. An analog voltage output is available for process control feedback.

Gamma Backscatter Gauge Features:
Solid State Digital Technology
Automatic Integral Shutter - Fail Safe Design
Low Voltage Design
Digital Signal Processing

Gauge Capabilities:
Typical Precision: Better than 0.5%
Range: 10 to 30,000 gsm
Integration: User controlled, from 50 milliseconds to 6 seconds.
Detector Operation: Solid state detector operates in digital counting mode.
   No analog or high voltage components.

Gamma One Backscatter